non Dysnomia: - a ProPilkki 2 Guide


Practice Session

Practice Session

Start practice: On the start screen you can choose lake, starting place (if the chosen lake have more than one starting place), season and time of day. To learn more about the lake, click on Info. Let us choose Niemisjärvet, Autumn, Afternoon, and click on Start!

Starting area: In every game your player starts at a start/finishing area, where you have to return to before time runs out, or else you get disqualified. But in practice sessions there is no time limit, and you can take your time to test equipment and lakes.

Zooming: To zoom in/out on your player use the mouse wheel, or Page Up/Page Down on your keyboard. For faster zooming, hold the Ctrl-key while zooming.

Moving around: To move around just click where you want to go.

Drilling a hole: To drill a hole click on the drill icon. You can also right-click when moving to make your player start drilling as soon as he arrives to the selected point.

Map: You can open the map to get a better overview of the lake. Your position is marked with the crossing lines and other players will also be marked on this map with a red dot.

Depth map: A depth map is also available where you can find a depth profile of the lake.

Fishing interface: When your player is ready drilling a hole, you will be in the fishing interface, to return to the movement interface you can use the top-right button. The first time you open the fishing interface you will start up with the default equipment. You can change rods, lures and bait with the buttons to the right. But now let us lower the lure into the hole and catch some fish. Lower the lure with the lower/pullup-button to the right, or use the spacebar on your keyboard.

Using the fishing rod: You can move the fishing rod by using the mouse. Click and hold on the fishing rod and move it in any direction. You can use either the left or the right mouse button. Take notice that the buttons have different action when you use them. The left button give you a wrist-action while the right button gives you an elbow-action.

Adjusting tip of the rod: Take hold of the tip of the fishing rod with your mouse and pull it out/in to suit your own preferences. You also want to adjust this when changing to a lighter/heavier lure.

Adjust fishing depth: To adjust the fishing depth use the mouse wheel to wind in/out the line from the reel. You can keep control of your depth with the depth meter to the left. You can also use the arrows at the top or the bottom of the depth meter to wind in/out from the reel. When using these buttons the lure depth will be adjusted between surface, mid water and bottom, to chose another depth take hold of the rod and move it at desired depth to stop winding up/down.

Hooking the fish: When you got a bite you have to hook the fish. Just pull the fishing rod up, and you can use either the left or the right mouse button, depending on what works best for you. You can also use the lower/pullup-button or the spacebar, but then if you miss hooking the fish your lure get pulled all the way up.

Pulling up: When you have hooked the fish, the fish get automatic pulled up. You can follow the progress on the depth meter to the left. If you get a really big fish, you can watch the lure going up and down like a yo-yo for quite some time. And if you dare you can right-click the pullup/lower-button and hold for 3 seconds to pull up forcefully, but it will most of the time result in losing the fish. I find this feature most useful if time is running out when you have a big fish on that will take too much time to pull up.

Catch: I caught a perch!

Unhooking: When the fish is out of the water you have to wait for it to be unhooked before you can continue. You can see the progress of this happening at the top of the screen.

Adjusting the bait: If your bait isn't to much damaged you can adjust it on the hook by pulling it with your mouse.

Change bait: If you want to change your bait quickly, just right-click on the hook. This will change your bait to a fresh bait with the same type and color, and the progress is shown at the top of the screen. In fact all changing of equipment will use some time to add to the realism of the game simulation, and this will be indicated at the top of the screen with a corresponding icon.

Bait: To change to a different type or color of the bait you can open the bait panel with the bait-button.

Lures: To change to a different type of lure you can open the lures panel with the lures-button.

Fishing rods: To change The fishing rod you can open the fishing rods panel with the fishing rod-button.

Try another rod: I decided to change the fishing rod, and kept it's default lure and bait on. Let us see if we can get a fish on this equipment too.

Fish On!

Nice catch!

Automatic weighing: While the fish gets unhooked, it's also get weighed. You can see the weight scroll up in the infobar at the top of the screen, you will also see the rank that fish got in your personell records for that lake. The infobar will also contain your catch in the round with species and quantities and your biggest fish. Messages will also be shown here, like the dreaded "Fish is too big for the hole!...pulling up forcefully..", or "Fish got away".

Pause/Exit Game: To pause or exit the game press the escape-key on your keyboard, or you can also move your mouse far out on the top-left of the screen and click. In this pause-screen you can also go to the lake info or the game settings if you desire. I choose to exit, and that concludes this guided tour.