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Lake: Ullavanjärvi (lake Ullava) is a shallow and rocky lake. Shoreline is weedy and bottom mainly mud. Open water area in the middle of the lake has a shallow bank in the middle. Countless islands, shallows and islets describe the place, some of them are hidden just under the surface.

Fishing: The lake is known for its big perch. Getting them, especially in winter, can be tricky, but some fish will be got for sure. Along with the perch, most common catch is a roach or another carp family fish. Pikes are also common but they are typically small. Some amout of zanders and rainbow trouts have been put to the lake, mainly for research purposes

Fish: Perch, Roach, Ruffe, Bream, Rudd, Pike, Zander, Burbot, Rainbow trout.


Starting places: 1 - Haapamaa | 2 - Ojansuu | 3 - Selkäsaari

Available Game Types: Normal | Quantity | All species | All species, quantity | Biggest fish | Most species | Only ruffe | Only ruffe, quantity | Only perch | Only perch, quantity | Only pike | Biggest pike | Carp family fish | Carp family fish, quantity | Biggest carp family fish | Three biggest fish | Five biggest fish

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