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Lake: Muddusjärvi is a clear-watered and deep lake in Lapland. Shallow and deep areas vary through the lake area, creating excellent fishing places. Lake bottom is rocky, but also areas with a sandy bottom exist. Due to bare and rocky landscape, amount of water plants is small.

Fishing: One special feature of Muddusjärvi is that different fish species are found from separate locations. Often the most valuable fish are found either from the deep spots or from the shallow areas. On the other hand, places with big depth difference attract some species. The shallow areas have a rich perch population, and they say that a few big ones have been caught as well.

Fish: Perch, Pike, Burbot, Whitefish, Trout, Arctic charr, Grayling, Roach, Ruffe, Three-spined stickleback.


Available Game Types: Normal | Quantity | All species | All species, quantity | Biggest fish | Most species | Only perch | Only perch, quantity | Three biggest fish | Five biggest fish

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