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Lake: Kortejärvi is a small and shallow lake with relatively dark water color. A tiny river brings oxygen-rich water to the north end of the lake. The river flows through the small pond Pieni-Kortejärvi (Small-Kortejärvi) where the bottom consists of various underwater springs. Because of the flat depth profile, the shoreline is weedy and provides various lurking places for pikes.

Fishing: Kortejärvi has a good reputation as a fishing place due to its rich pike and perch population. High oxygen level in the water keeps the pike active throughout the year. Some carp family fish species exists in the lake as well, but as a minority.

Fish: Perch, Pike, Ruffe, Roach, Rudd, Dace, Silver Bream, Crucian carp.


Available Game Types: Normal | Quantity | All species | All species, quantity | Biggest fish | Most species | Only ruffe | Only ruffe, quantity | Only perch | Only perch, quantity | Only pike | Biggest pike | Carp family fish | Carp family fish, quantity | Three biggest fish | Five biggest fish

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