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Ice Drills

Ice Drills

: You have two different sized ice drills at you disposal. You can change ice drill during the game by clicking on the drill icon while standing on the starting area. If you are out on the ice, you have to walk back to the starting area to change, but this makes sense since you probably parked your car there. :) To permanently change your drill, change this in "Default equipment". You will find this in the game settings.

4" Ice Drill

4 Inch Ice Drill
Faster drilling (10.5 sec)
Small hole

6" Ice Drill

6 Inch Ice Drill
Big hole
Slower drilling (15 sec)

Damaged drill

: If you drill to close to the shore and hit the bottom, you're blade will be damaged and the drilling time will increase further with each bottom hit.

: Here is an example on how drilling time increases with each bottom hit. Times are taken with a stopwatch from the click of the drilling button to the fishing interface opens. Values are rounded to the nearest half second.

Hits	4" Drill	6" Drill
0	10.5		15
1	14.5		17.5
2	18.5		22.5
3	26.5		27.5
4	30.5		31.5
5	34.5		36
6	38.5		42.5