non Dysnomia: - a ProPilkki 2 Guide


Default equipment

What it is and why you should use it

: It's the defaut lures and bait you have ready on you're 4 different rods when you start a game. You can also choose which drill you want to use.

: It is quicker to change from one rod to another (2.7 sec) than changing to the lure (7.1 sec) and bait (4.1 sec) you want during the game. This can be important for a win in the shorter games (10 min and 15 min), and also in game types as quantity and most species.

: But the most important is that you can setup your equipment the way you like it, and also make adjustments for the game type you are going to play.


Main menu: Go into Settings from the Main menu.

Settings: You can set other game settings as you want here, but now we are only interested in the Default equipment settings.

Game Lobby: In a network game you can also get to the setting from the Game Lobby.

Default equipment

Default equipment: In the image below you can see the default equipment that's preset when you start the game for the first time, or if you made a new user profile.

Rod: Click on a rod icon to make it your starting rod. It's then marked with Initial rod.

Lure: You can change the default lure on each of the rods as you like by clicking on the lure icon for each rod.

Bait: Change your bait with the bait icon on each rod.

Drill: When you've setup all your rods, lures and bait. You can then set which ice drill you prefer. It's then marked with Initial drill.

: When you've done with all changes just click Back and then you're ready to go fishing.