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A Word from the Webmaster

: I started to compile some information from the game, some forums and some of my own experiences. It started out as a little exercise in webdesign for my own amusement, but soon grew to something bigger. You can see this compilation as a beginners guide to Pro Pilkki 2, and later it may also become a more advanced guide.

This site is still work in progress, but I published it so you can have a little taste.

The game can be downloaded here:
Current version is 1.1.

Current Gameserver Status!

Current playlist is Burbot in the Moonlight. See other playlists here.

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Updated, 01.28.2016

: Excerpt from "ReadMe_P2_releaseNotes.rtf"

New in version 1.1
  1. New lakes: Ullavanjärvi, Kortejärvi and Muddusjärvi.
  2. Exclusive full screen mode (display mode change) removed due to various incompatibility issues with display adapters and OS versions. Full screen mode uses now windowed (stretched) fullsceen.
  3. New host chat command to turn public chat on or off. Only private and team messages are delivered: "/chat off"
  4. New host chat command to select any lure combination: "/lures custom"
  5. Host banned addresses are preserved even if the host is restarted.
  6. Adjusted the probablities of line snapping and fish getting away.
  7. Fish amount in lakes slightly increased. "Record-size" fish weights tuned slightly up.
  8. Fixed issue of version 1.0.8 causing "mouse lag" with certain display adapters.
  9. Network services (host list, network records) moved to a dedicated server.

Note: Network game is not compatible with previous game versions due to the new lakes and probability adjustments.

New in version 1.0.8
  1. Flash light effec fix for some display adapters.
  2. Fix for rare host crash situation caused by speed cheating.

New in version 1.0.7
  1. Improved host protection against network attacks.
  2. Improved detection of speed cheating.
  3. Improved detection of banned players and prevented rejoining from different IP address (/banlevel high).

New in version 1.0.6
  1. Fix for fishing rod moving itself with Wii Motion Plus.
  2. Fix for lost fish in extreme network jamming situation.

New in version 1.0.5
  1. More fixes for fish fitting/not fitting from the hole in network game and occasional missing fish from the final results.
  2. Support added for embedded Motion Plus (new Wiimote controller). Note! User is fully responsible of everything when using Wiimote-controller with Propilkki. The autohors of the Propilkki are taking no responsibility of possible damage/harm caused to involved computer, Wii-controller, player and/or environment.
  3. Fixed non-standard HTTP messages and improved the compatibility with firewall and anti-virus software.
  4. Fixed too bright fishing rod (issue in 1.0.4).

New in version 1.0.4
  1. Fix for fish fitting/not fitting from the hole in network game. Behaviour is now identical for the host and clients. Big fish are now practically always fitting up from a bigger drill hole (6").
  2. Support for Wiimote controller in fishing.It is recommended to use Wii Motion Plus to get more precise rod movements. First establish the Bluetooth connection between Wiimote and PC, then start Pro Pilkki 2. If controller is deteced, it is noted on the startup screen. Note: Wiimote might not work with all Bluetooth adapters.
  3. Fixed /game -command issues related to game types at night
  4. Fixed /lures -command parameters. Command is now allowed from autohost.ini
  5. Fixed several crashes with help of automatic bug reports.

New in version 1.0.3
  1. Crash fix when getting player list from host page.

New in version 1.0.2
  1. Fixed occasional game crash in the end of the competition. The problem occured only when hosting the game without player character (as guest).
  2. Host list sorting fixed according to "info"-column.

New in version 1.0.1
  1. Fix for showing records hosts correctly in the host list when joining the game.

New in version 1.0
  1. Official network records (Link here!). You need to create an account for network records from "Player setup" -section in the game (e-mail address is required). Only the results played in official (accepted) records hosts are qualified for records list.
  2. Burbot and night fishing.
  3. All lures available (network game command: /lures all).
  4. Display resolutions 1280x720 and 1920x1080 are supported in windowed mode, even if the monitor is not supporting them as full screen.
  5. Other smaller improvements and fixes.

: There are at the moment 39 lakes in the game, with a good variety of different characteristics. The variety of fish species is also quite wide. To learn more about the different lakes in the game, visit the lake index and find your favorite lake. The information is collected from the infoscreens in the game.


: Work is in progress on a lures index, a bait index and a fishing rod index.


: I've added a step-by-step guide through a practice session that should get you started. Work is also in progress with a game type index.

Fishing tips

: Coming soon!