The non Dysnomia project


So What is This About?

It's an experiment in different web design solutions. Content will change without warning, as this is mainly a testground for different solutions and designs.
Welcome to non Dysnomia!

This is meant to be a private webserver for a little work and a lot of play. This is not in any way a pirate server of any kind. It's not a public server, it's only a little project for me and my close friends. You are free to stay around and explore the open stuff, and if you encounter a login screen you will get no further without an account with non Dysnomia.


As said earlier, this is a private server for me and my close friends. If you know me, you can contact me in real life. Anyone else, please do not contact me.


Why participate? You get access to the Private Area. What is the Private Area then? That's for us to know and for you to never find out.


As said earlier. You need to be a close friend.

Hint: "The Devil is in the source" and "The Dragons are here"